Sensor Offshore Safety


>>> Last press release of the project

As the project now have concluded, please contact Offshore Monitoring Ltd (http://offshoremonitoring.com) for further interest in the project activities. And YES, the project will continue in a larger context hereafter so please express your interest in the solution.

>>> SOS 3rd General and 5th RnD Assembly Meeting (workshop, demonstrations, kick out), Ålesund, Norway 26th and 27th of May 2016

The purpose of the meeting was to perform a workshop for invited captains and proceed with demonstrations on-board our test vessel and to finalize the outstanding project issues before the project end. Also consortium agreed upon the future development of the project and a roadmap was created.

>>> SOS visiting IFSEC exhibition at ExCel London (16-18 June 2016)

Partner Prevas AS attended the IFSEC exhibition at ExCel London discussing with several possible vendors of sensors near-future modifications of existing or modified sensor technologies of interest for the project. This also helped discovering if other providers are working on the same or similar applications and if there would be other sensor components that the project possibly could consider relevant for integration.

>>> SOS project visited by foreign journalists as part of the Media tour ‘Innovations in Safety and Security in The Netherlands’ (14th April 2016)

Foreign journalists (South Korea, South Africa, Portugal) were briefed about the SOS project and the possible impact the project results can give to their maritime safety.

>>> SOS visiting Cruise Shipping / Seatrade Miami (March 2016)

The yearly subject event is without comparison the biggest venue targeting the cruise industry. This industry is the one that will most likely benefit from SOS. Over the course of two days, partner Global Maritime Services Ltd (GMS) had the opportunity to present the SOS to many cruise line executives, visit booths of all major suppliers of technology to the industry and to ultimately further network contacts for the project. GMS conclusion by the end of the visit, is that the industry is very interested in our product. Upon inquiry, none of the technology companies that GMS approached seemed to currently have any projects running that aimed at solving the Man Overboard issue in a similar manner. Several invitations for future follow-on activities, involving testing and demonstrations.

>>> Testing and experimentation campaigns offshore during April and May 2016, west coast Norway

The purpose of these numerous campaigns was to test individually and in combination a large number of tailor made sensor solutions for the SOS safety applications. The campaign was executed offshore in various environmental conditions and sea states. Mostly all project partners participated in these campaigns. It was the final test campaign before the final systems are to be deployed for the demonstration campaign at project end.

>>> Meeting between the project coordinator and the Armed Forces of a European periphery country, 6th April 2016

The meeting focused on the three main aspects: a) identification of specific needs for maritime safety applications, b) suitability of the SOS payload, c) and future actions. A roadmap for future collaborative activities was created.

>>> Meeting between a European periphery training center and SOS partners, 17th of November 2015

The main reason for the meeting was to present the SOS system to several entities. Several (semi-) governmental players interested in SOS technologies were present; navy, coast guard, patrol vessels, ferries between islands and mainland.

>>> Meeting between a European periphery country’s governmental enterprise and SOS project participants, 7th of October 2015

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the system to the national enterprise as to relate strategic interests matching the capabilities of the SOS system.

>>> 4th RnD Assembly Meeting - Limassol, Cyprus - 5-6 November 2015

Between 4th and 6th of November 2016 the SOS project’s partners meet in Limassol to execute their RnD and General Assembly meetings. The event took place in Limassol, Cyprus in one of the O.M. Offshore Monitoring Ltd office buildings. The consortium discussed the general progress of the project and short and long term plans. Moreover, contractual and financial status was discussed, risk and IPR registers were updated. WP leaders presented the progress of their work.

>>> Engagement in ‘swimming-pool’ testing, the Netherlands (July 2015)

The project rented a swimming pool with large jumping towers where a large number of people were invited to do (acrobatic) jumping in front of the sensor payload as to test and experiment with the current version of the SOS system. The large number of testing event greatly helped to identify weaknesses and strengths of the system, as well as to suggest new sensors that possibly should be included in the final version.

>>> Primary testing at land and at sea in parallel of Nor-Shipping (2 June 2015)

In parallel with the ongoing Nor-Shipping event, a number of tests were conducted on land as well as at sea to show the current capabilities of the system.

>>> SOS visiting Nor-Shipping (1-5 June 2015)

Nor-Shipping is the leading maritime event week. Its top-quality exhibition, high-level conferences and prime networking opportunities attract the international maritime industry to Oslo every other year. We joined our peers, partners and prospects at the leading maritime event week in 2015 (Oslo, Norway), to explore the maritime business future and potential for our system.

>>> External Periodic Review

On the 10th of June 2015 the SOS consortium welcomed the project officer and a reviewer from the EC. The host of the event was our partner SNT (Delft, Netherlands). The goal of the visit was to perform periodic check of the current status and financial standings of the project. The EC representatives concluded that the project is well run and no major changes were suggested.

>>> 3rd RnD and 2nd General Assembly Meetings

On the 11th and 12th of June 2015 the SOS project partners held the 3rd RnD and 2nd General Assembly meeting in Delft, Netherlands. The event was hosted by our partner Science and Technology BV. During the first day of the meetings the consortium discussed the project’s administration status however the major time was spent brainstorming the new innovative features behind the SOS system. The consortium was proud to find that the sensor set offers many innovative applications which have not been yet introduced to the market by any other possible competitor. The second day was spent evaluating the current system, planning the execution of short- and long-term goals as well as discussing the budget matters. There was also performed a number of tests were objects were thrown out of a building to simulate man overboard events to see how the sensors would performed in an extremely cluttered (and rainy) environment. The partners came to a satisfactory conclusion and are confident that the project will reach its goals on time.

>>> Meetings

3rd RnD and 2nd General Assembly Meetings - Delft, Netherlands - 11-12 June 2015; External Review with visitors from the EC - Delft, Netherlands - 10 June 2015