Sensor Offshore Safety

About SOS

SOS is a new automatic man overboard alert system, which uses technology that has never before been available commercially. Learn more about the key aspects of SOS below.

Instantaneous detection and alerting

SOS integrates several advanced sensor technologies to instantaneously detect where and when a person is falling overboard. Its communication infrastructure ensures that no unnecessary time is lost from an incident until the crew (and eventually 3rd parties) are alerted.

The type of alerts and the way they are presented is optimally adapted to the situational awareness on the bridge. In this way, the surveillance system has a maximum chance of successfully alarming the right crew members in time.

This capability for instantaneous detection (with extremely high detection probability and low false alarm rate) and instantaneous alerting are the main advantages of SOS.

Reliable situational awareness

When SOS is installed on a vessel, the shipmaster will be provided with an accurate 360-degrees overview of the surrounding environment. Due to the integration of different types of sensor technologies, the surveillance system is robust and reliable with minimum false alarms. SOS thus gives the shipmaster optimal situational awareness.

SOS is particularly designed to detect falling (or moving) objects close to the ship's hull (within 100 metres). In addition, it will have an extended range aft of the ship (up to 2000 metres) for exact location identification of the person in the water.

All-weather system

SOS is based on several sensor technologies that have complementary characteristics. This not only means the quality of the detection system is greatly improved, but it also means that the system is less influenced by weather and environmental conditions. For example, some sensor technologies work better during the day with overcast weather conditions, while others perform better during darkness with no dependence on light.

The combination and integration of several sensor systems enable a robust, all-weather reliable system.

A complete system solution

The SOS technology provides a complete system to detect instantaneously any person falling overboard from a ship or any other maritime platform. It complies with existing international maritime regulation.